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Velocity GT Pickup.jpeg

Velocity Leisure

The latest addition to the RibQuest heritage line, Velocity is unlike any other RIB on the market today.


Drawing on the powerboat racing pedigree of the RibQuest team, Velocity has been designed to go fast! Racing is in its DNA and this craft brings design technologies honed through years of competition combined with cutting edge research and development to the performance and commercial market. Not just about traveling at breakneck speeds, the refinement of the new stepped hull delivers outstanding fuel efficiency and the unique recovery bow design gives this boat unrivalled down wind capabilities.


Balanced, predictable and sure-footed in the way she handles, Velocity changes the status quo.


Minimum HP: 500

Design Category: B

Maximum HP: 900

Engine Options: Inboard & Outboard

Fuel Tank Capacity (L): 500 - 800


Hull: Deep V & Ventilated Steps

Length (m): 10.5 - 12

No. of Chambers 8

No. of Persons: 12

Overall Beam (m): 2.8 - 3.2


Recommended Power(hp): 900

Tube Diameter(mm): 500 - 700

Weight - Leisure: from 1800kg

Weight - Race : from 1300kg

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