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Your Quest Starts Here


Designed and Manufactured in Britain

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"I looked at any number of factory built, extremely capable RIBs and then I discovered Ribquest by chance.

Small volume, high quality and custom built.

Never has having fun on the water been so stylish or exhilarating."

Neil Cash

RibRide is one of the UK’s leading RIB tour operators, voted number 1 in the country by Trip Advisor.  We operate on the UKs largest fleets of commercial RIBs and choose Ribquest as our boat provider.  To us, Ribquest are not a builder but a partner.  Every new boat we order brings with it small incremental changes which together help make us a safer and stronger business.  Ribquest not only listen but are proactive to answer these needs.


The culmination of this expertise is represented in Velocity, the worlds fastest commercial RIB.  This truly represents the pinnacle of what can be achieved with the UKs leading innovative builder and the Uk’s leading tour operator.  


Our business has never been in safer hands than with Ribquest."

"I took delivery of my 6.5m Super Sport and opted for the 150hp Yamaha combination.  I like my electronics so I got Ribquest to fully spec it up will all the gadgets and toys – it looks amazing.

This is an excellent sea boat, she handles really well in any sort of chop; solid and strong and I know that she won’t let me down.

The Yamaha buzzes away happily behind giving me speeds of 38 knots.

Can’t recommend the boat or Ribquest highly enough. I LOVE it"

Piers Hurrell.


Some of our wonderful partners

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